Spring Creek Oyster Company
Welcome to Spring Creek Oyster Company!

     Spring Creek Oyster Co. is located in Barnstable, Massachusetts on beautiful Cape Cod. Our family owned and operated farms are based out of the pristine waters of Barnstable Harbor. The harbor is on the bay side of Cape Cod behind the popular barrier beach of Sandy Neck.

The Spring Creek Oyster (SCO) company grows and harvests oysters and quahogs (also known as littlenecks or hard shell clams) on 5 acres of sub tidal farm land in the waters of Barnstable Harbor. These waters are becoming more and more popular with the shellfish that are raised here. Due to the large tides, some reaching well over 14 ft, there is a massive flush of water going in and out of the harbor giving the shellfish large amounts of fresh food. Another aspect of the harbor that enables oysters and other shellfish to thrive is its adjacency to Barnstable's Great Marsh. The Great Marsh is a 114 acre salt marsh which is a part of a 3,800 acre barrier beach and salt marsh system. Every tide millions of gallons of sea water come rushing out of the marsh and into the harbor providing food and nutrition for the shellfish giving them a great and unique taste. One of the main creeks running out of The Great Marsh happens to be Spring Creek!

How we got started:

    It all started with Scott Laurie. Scott has been a fisherman his entire life, having been a king crab fisherman on the Berring Sea in Alaska to tuna fishing the waters around Cape Cod and everything in between. After getting his family involved in the commercial shell fishing industry he set out to acquire an aquaculture site in Barnstable Harbor. The first area acquired was a 2 acre farm that is leased from the town of Barnstable. Scott's family also became involved with the farm including his wife Tina Laurie, and their sons Joe and Paul Hamblin and Nick and Brandon Laurie. We first started farming soft shell clams (steamers) that were naturally caught in the harbor by nets. After a few years of growing these clams we realized that it was a huge gamble every year, because we never knew what mother nature was going to produce. We then decided to try farming other crops that were a little more secure, so that is how we got into growing oysters and

    Growing oysters and quahogs proved to be less of a gamble because we knew exactly what we were getting from the hatchery each year. After acquiring 2 more grant sites, giving us a total of 5 acres we began raising more and more oysters and quahogs trying different grow out systems along the way. This leads up to the present where we now grow hundreds of thousands of quahogs and oysters but still always trying to find new and improved ways of growing, maintaining, and harvesting.

    Recently, Scott Laurie's step-son Paul Hamblin decided to start his own shellfish operation. After graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and earning his degree in engineering,  Paul has been purchasing his own seed and equipment and raising his own shellfish over the past two years. Although we now have two different operations, we still operate as one under Spring Creek Oyster Company and are constantly helping each other to keep our farms operating. We have always been, and will continue to be a family run business providing quality shellfish to our consumers.



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